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Before and after a session

How to prepare yourself for an healing session with Jeroen & Gerlinde

Together with their Essence and Essence~Connections (Heavenly Assistance), Jeroen and Gerlinde Schilt love to support you on your path of creation and manifestation in living more and more joyously from the heart.
From their practice in Assen, as well through distance healing with a connection by phone, or through energetic support for a certain period of time like every day or every other day or once a week.

Jeroen and Gerlinde love to work with their and your Essence and Essence~Connections, so you can live more in the flow of your Essence. Free, joyiously. Growing with ease and flow. Living more and more in conscious alignment with the frequency of your Essence and that which you want to live.

As recipient of the healing it is helpful to prepare yourself for the session.
Therefore hereby a few points of attention:

Before the Session

• Spend time with yourself in which you ask yourself the question: What do I want? What do I desire?
Allow yourself in your moments of preparation to become clear in that wants to be enlightened.
You are welcome to write it down, but that’s not necessary. Just thinking about what you want, empowers you to embark in the session. Jeroen and Gerlinde always ask at the beginning of the session if you have a ‘wish-list’ to share.

• Spend the day of the session in the most easiest way so you have a pleasant preparation.
If unexpected business presses your attention, make sure that when the time for your session is almost there, you create as much peace for yourself as possible, maybe with a short mediation or just by taking a few long, deep relaxing breaths.

• Drink the day of the session sufficiently pure water and drink an extra glass just before the session starts.

• Keep your meals on the day of the session light and do not eat right before the session. If it is not possible to rearrange your meals easily, eat a bit before and a bit after the session.

• For sessions in person: Make sure you do not have to rush to be on time. This way you step into the session in a relaxed state of well-being.

• For sessions with distance healing: Make sure you create a pleasant space for yourself in which you can not be disturbed.

• For sessions with distance healing: Put a blanket within reach so you can reach for it when you need it.

• For sessions with distance healing: Call preferably in with a phone with an old-fashioned cord (not wireless).

• For sessions with distance healing: Remember to turn off your cell phone.

After the Session

• For sessions with distance healing: Stay sitting or lying quietly down in a restful state for fifteen minutes or so.

• Spend the rest of day of the session leisurely – when possible. Plan your day rather not full and do not take on strenuous activities.

• Drink a few extra glasses of pure water and eat light.

• After the session spend some time with yourself. Maybe you want to make notes of things that came up during the session or feelings and thoughts that are now active in you and ask your attention.

• Give yourself time and space to be with yourself when you need it.

• After an healing one can feel very energetic, bursting with energy or one an feel slightly tired. Listen to your body if you need extra rest or perhaps need a while to sleep.

You are welcome to record a remote (distance) healing session.




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