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Fees Esprit Soul Works™

Healing-sessions in Assen (the Netherlands)
90 minutes € 70,-

Distance Healing-sessions (with phone connection)
90 minutes € 70,-
30 minutes € 37,50

Energetic support and healing at distance
For a period of time like every day or every other day or once a week. Or for a special occasion.
Individually tuned, please feel free to contact us.

Healing & Ascension intensive (therapeutic/coaching/counselling with energy-healing)
One part of a day (4 hours) with follow-up € 225,-

Private-sessions (therapeutic/coaching/counselling) in Assen and at distance
90 minutes € 70,-

Dreamwork (dream interpretation) in Assen and at distance
90 minutes € 70,-


Fees are 21% EU VAT included. If you live outside Europe, you can deduct the VAT.
Sessions can be paid for by Bank Transfer, PayPal (also creditcard), Bank Transfer and in the practise by PIN or cash.





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