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In Assen (Netherlands), worldwide through distance healing or through invitation on location

Would you love to live more wholeheartedly in connection with your Essence?
Out of the flow of your unique uniqueness en accompanying strength and gifts?
Do you experience challenges on the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual level?
Is it your heart’s desire to greet more balance and harmony in your life?
Inner peace or an awakening and growing of more spiritual awareness?
Are you ready to make an transition from an old way of being to a new you?

Together with their Essence and Essence~Connections (Heavenly Assistance), Jeroen and Gerlinde Schilt love to support you on your path of creation and manifestation in living more and more joyously from the heart.
As well from their practice in Assen as well through distance healing with a connection by phone, or through energetic support for a certain period of time like every day or every other day or once a week.

Many people experience all kinds of challenges.
Some people feel very strongly that this is a time of passage for them and they are on the verge of greeting in the new. All this may call for more balance to go through this transition with ease and grace, strength and clarity from a joyous inner state of being.

Every encounter with Jeroen and Gerlinde encourages in an inspiring way to use your inner strength and live more and more in the flow in connection with your Essence. With the You you already are and has vibrationally already become that which you love to live.
We are beautiful hearts, hands and feet for our Essences.
Iin connection with our Essence, which is firmly grounded into Source, All that Is, the Divine, gets room to come and play in this Play of Life, you cannot but heal and create Heaven on Earth. For yourself, for those you love and everything that lives and breathes and is around you.

In private sessions, Jeroen and Gerlinde do not only use their counselling, coaching insight, but also their extrasensory' perception and paranormal gifts and energy work.
They also look at the body, diet, lifestyle and way of thinking, feeling and looking at life.

During private sessions in person or via distance healing, people shared they experience energy moving like a breeze through the room they are in, blowing around them.
Many people share that they see images or experience painful feelings or memories, whether having their origin in childhood or this life. They experience it flowing out of them, leaving a wonderful pure and joyful sensation in body, soul and spirit.

Jeroen and Gerlinde love to work with their and your Essence and Essence~Connections so you can live more in the flow of your Essence. Free, joyiously. Growing with ease and flow. Living more and more in conscious alignment with the frequency of your Essence and that which you want to live.
Jeroen and Gerlinde work primarily on the level of the ‘inner spheres’ as they call it. The reality that is around us but is not seen by most people. With them it is al about flowing and empowering the connection we live with our Essence.

Jeroen and Gerlinde see themselves as an instrument of Light and do not appropriate anything of the wonderful effects arising from their sessions with clients.

Jeroen and Gerlinde often hand out exercises to support and strengthen the process. Sometimes very practical and focused on everyday life, sometimes energetic, as working with the own energy field, chakras and meridians.
They can also tune affirmations especially on your process and living your Mastery of Alignment.

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