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Invite us!

At home with friends or family, Spiritual Society, Spiritual Centre or be welcome to make an appointment with your own group with Esprit Soul Works™ in Assen (the Netherlands).

Jeroen and Gerlinde Schilt work with love on invitation on location. In workshops as well as private sessions (healings) in Spiritual Spiritual Centres or Societies.

Can you create a group in the Netherlands, but you have no space? Be welcome to make contact. Here and there are suitable locations in the country available and Esprit Soul Works ™ can organize the space.

Workshops on location
Each ESW workshop can be given on invitation. A series of workshops like the Healing & Ascension workshops I t/m VII is also possible to plan on location in four half days.
For more information about workshops, please visit the the drop down menu above.

Privat-sessions (healings) on location
Besides healing sessions in Assen and at distance worldwide by phone, Jeroen and Gerlinde also love to do healings on location. For instance at a Spiritual Spiritual Centre or Society.
You are very welcome to invite Jeroen and Gerlinde for a day to give personal sessions.
For more information about private sessions, please visit the drop down menu above.

Every encounter with Jeroen and Gerlinde encourages in an inspiring way to develop and use your inner strength and to live more and more in harmony and balance in connection with your Divine Essence.

Would you like to receive more information or invite Jeroen and Gerlinde Schilt?
Be welcome to contact us.





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