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About Esprit Soul Works™

Originally Jeroen and Gerlinde Schilt studied psychology/pedagogue and started a practise in 2000 but could not find their way in guiding the troubled unique child by learned standard rules.

Their clientele grew to guiding young adults and aldults.
First from a more therapeutic method together with spirituality and dreamwork.
Soon their work transitioned into also working with energy.
They were further guided by their Essence and Essence~Connections (Heavenly Assistence) to use their extrasensory perception and paranormal gifts more in developing a very personal way in doing healingwork.

Since 2007 they created Tools of Light by hand and in 2012 their second energy-tool line was born: LightTools for Oneness®. Tools of Light that radiate energy from the Light Field of Oneness. Uniting in wholeness and being One. Grounding everyone who feels invited with love in their unique essential-self and accompanying strength, to share this in unity with each and everyone to enrich and bless all of us.

Jeroen and Gerlinde love to do next to private sessions, also workshops and lectures for groups.
As a teacher they were for many years associated with the Onkruid college and wrote for five years a column for the well-known Onkruid magazine as well as other magazines such as Spiegelbeeld, Metro, ParaVisie and Psychologie. Together they wrote the written course in dreams ‘Leergang Droomimpressiewerk’ and recorded relaxation and know-yourself-CD’s.
Especially in the times in which they were active in the therapeutic work with dreams, they were seen and heard on radio (Radio 538, SLAM! FM) and television (including RTL 4 and 5, Talpa and VARA).

Jeroen and Gerlinde see themselves as an instrument of Light and do not appropriate anything of the wonderful effects arising from their sessions and workshops with clients and workshop participants.
They do not make promises but will always tell you that in connection with your Essence and Source, everything is possible.

Jeroen and Gerlinde live and work from Assen in the Netherlands.





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