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Welcome at Esprit Soul Works™

Thank you for visiting our website!
It is our intention and heart's desire to create this place to let it be a place of healing, growth, blossoming and a joyous togetherness in Oneness. We are delighted to meet you here, but also through our private sessions, workshops or at one of our other events. Be welcome!

Always with love, Jeroen & Gerlinde Schilt

~ Embrace ~ Heal ~ Grow ~ Ascend ~ Inspire in Divine, Joyous & Grateful Service ~Espri-ation!

These are the words that Esprit Soul Works™ breathes and Jeroen and Gerlinde Schilt live. In their private life and life of joyful Service in which Esprit Soul Works™ was born in 2000.
The time in which we travel is a special time. If we are willing to let go of what no longer serves and enriches, we can freely live out loud more from our hearts. In a powerful connection with our Essence, the Divine and all that lives and breathes!

You are invited to journey along and we do hope you enjoy your visit.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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